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In these times of uncertainty and upheaval, it’s natural to try to seek security in your work and life.

But sometimes, this might not be your calling. Whatever your body and subconscious self might be telling you.

We spend some time with present-day Adam and Danikka this week, talking a bit about a leap we have taken.

A leap into unknown possibilities of our future, and how coaching, mindset shifts and our mental health have effected our journey so far.

Living together, working together, creating together and just surviving 2020 is not just a challenge for us.

In this episode, we talk a little about the challenges we’ve faced so far this year.

We of course acknowledge that there a many worse of than us, and we don’t seek to diminish their suffering at all.

This is just a little peek into our 2020, and we hope you’ll also reach out to us about yours, and let us know how you’re going.

Shower thought of the week: Designer brands like Calvin Klein have a wide range of bags and purses, so by not putting pockets in their dresses they’re hoping you’ll buy more of their purses.


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