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This episode guest April M. Woodard explains some of her process of how to write a book series.

Woodard has already completed three books in her, The Aeon Chronicles, series with a fourth on the way.

The Aeon Chronicles is a sci-fi / fantasy / romance novel with a final book set for release early 2021 to complete the saga.

April M Woodard is an advocate for the autism community, sharing how she worked with her own autistic traits to create he fictional book series.

In this episode she share some of her writing secrets and processes including journaling, show don’t tell technique and overcoming writers block.

She describes how long it takes to write a book and expands on the concept of character creation and save the cat moments.

April is also a mentor to other authors, helping them focus on how they can connect with their ideal audience using social media and of course, on how to write a book.


0:00 Episode Teaser
2:00 April’s Writing Journey
3:30 Journaling
5:50 The Writing Process
12:00 Coming Up With The Characters
15:30 Living with Aspergers and ASD Advocacy
23:00 Parenting Children on the Spectrum
33:05 Show Don’t Tell Writing Technique
36:15 Save The Cat Moments in Character Creation
39:35 Unblocking Writer’s Block

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