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Do you feel that life is something that just happens to you – without any sense of control?

Do you have a long list of dreams and aspirations – but feel they’re completely beyond your reach?

And do you feel a sense of pain when you see others living the type of life you want to live?

In recent weeks, I’ve chatted with Jane, Steven, and Julie about setting business, financial, and personal goals.

But the thing is – you can’t just set some goals and establish new processes – and then pray to the heavens that the new habits will stick.

There is also a high level of mindset involved.

In today’s episode of Marketing and Me, I’m talking about how I personally get sh*t done.

The reason I chose this topic is because I’ve had people comment on my achievements in the past and ask how I did it.

Or they’d say the words ‘You seem to be soo busy!’

I don’t actually like the word ‘busy’.

I feel like it’s a glorified term given way too much power these days.

So I try to avoid using it.Because for me, yes, I am getting stuff done – like running a monthly Meet Up, establishing and running this podcast, hosting webinars and online courses, and setting up a membership group.

But all of it has been done on my terms and within my determined hours.

I still have quality time with my family and friends.

And still have plenty of downtime just for me.

So today, I’m going to share with you some of my secrets.

Because I am really loving my life at the moment – and know the best is yet to come.

Are you ready to hear my secrets?


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