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They always say, “Home is where the heart is”.

Honesty is so important in relationships.

The first big challenge in our relationship is evidence we had still not completely figured out how to tell each other how we really felt.

After being made redundant in my job and receiving a generous redundancy package, I decided to use the money to go visit my Mum living in the UK for an indefinite amount of time…just after moving in with Adam.

This episode we talk about things we’ve never actually talked to each other about before.

What we were both thinking and feeling up to me leaving and what it was really like to be apart.

Apart, at arguably the time in our relationship when we were just hitting our stride.

Long-distance brought its own challenges and fears that we were not ready to discuss. Until now.

Shower thought of the week: Have you ever thought about the fact that if you skip a rock into a lake, you’re probably the last person to ever touch it?


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