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Hive Buddy is a new place for beekeepers to learn, contribute and grow together with their beekeeping.

It has been put together by some Australian beekeepers with the hope to finally create a place where beekeepers can increase their confidence.

Budding beekeepers may also improve competence in both an informal setting and through more organised mentorship groups.

Hive Buddy is a really relaxed (and free) experience sharing platform.

One that creates a positive culture that supports all types of beekeeping.

And at any stage of a beekeeper’s journey.

Doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or been around it for years, there’s something for you.

As we all know beekeeping can be daunting and confusing, especially when you just start out.

The Hive Buddy online mentorships are meant to feel like you have a close friend when you need it.

The mentors have been carefully selected for variety of personality combined with different experiences and areas of interest.

No two mentors are the same but they all have the ability to bring competence and confidence to you and your beekeeping.

I’ve joined as a mentor on Hive Buddy and there are many other amazing mentors there also.

We have an online catchup every two weeks where we discuss issues that have come up and discuss solutions and seasonal aspects of beekeeping.

It doesn’t necessarily matter if you aren’t from the same place as your mentor, the discussions are always interesting and will be an opportunity for you to learn and share.

It’s not meant to be a teacher and student approach but more a supportive group that solves problems together.

I love being part of this and can see the confidence that this will bring to beekeepers from right across Australia.


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