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In our 5th episode, we talk about some of the tech that changed our lives in the last decade. We try to predict things that may become big in the roaring 20’s. We look at the future of technology.

We talk about privacy and social media and how it is helping police do their job. Greg questions, have we given away too much privacy?

Greg answers a question for Craig in this week’s “just the tip”. Reddit is the introvert’s social media network of choice.

The last decade saw drones, tablets, wearables, streaming, voice recognition, L.E.D. lights become a huge part of our lives. Other tech struggled to take off including augmented reality, google goggles and windows phone. We look at the tech winners and losers of the past 10 years.

We try to predict some of the tech to come in the next decade. Cleverly while talking about the future of technology Craig makes a biased statement.

I think podcasting is going to be big!

We also talk about Elon Musk and Amazon’s plan to launch thousands of low orbit satellites into space and examine some of the thousands of space objects already being tracked from the ground.

Craig briefly discusses the concept of Contrapreneurs and Wantrepreneurs and explains the difference. So grab a drink, grab some snacks and strap in – it’s a big one at 1 hourr and 30 minutes!

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