From Childhood Dreams To Reality

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People with a Passion Podcast Studio
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Joel Stephen Fleming founder of 13th Street Films, Brisbane

Joel Stephen Fleming pursued his childhood dreams to become a film director and producer. In this discussion he shares how he ignored the advice of others in pursuit of his passion.

Several awards later and with several commercial works under his belt, doubters are starting to question themselves. Joel’s production company, 13th Street Films, is about to embark on it’s first Aussie feature film.

From a small suburb to a small production house in Europe to Film School to now plying the trade. Joel demonstrates when you set goals and pursue your passion you can take innocent play from childhood dreams to reality.

Fleming is responsible for small productions made for the small screen, including Welcome to Wrigleton and Summer School. He loves working with a cast of actors and technicians to create a story line audiences love.

He talks writing and production process and ignoring naysayers and advice from people who do not understand his perspective. Never one to be ordinary, Fleming gives insight into the drive required to pursue your passion and find your purpose.

If you like script writing, film and content creation you will love this episode of People with a Passion.

Joel Stephen Fleming does not want to be “normal”.
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