Finding Clarity When Overwhelmed

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Hello everyone WELCOME to the very first episode of The Millennial Nurse, today I want to talk about finding clarity.

Star Dang is a clinical nurse educator and training consultant and is big on leadership in a nursing and health care environment.

With experience in primary and aged care, Star is a career strategist helping you redefine success on your own terms.

Today’s podcast episdoe is about finding clarity when you are feeling overwhelmed.

With everything going on with Covid-19 right now, it can be so easy for us to be feeling anxious, stressed and even lost or overwhelmed.

On today’s episode of The Millennial Nurse I want to help you and provide reassurance EVERYTHING will be okay.

But first, you need to allow ourselves to accept this moment and see it for what it is.

I will help you to find strategies to manage stress not only in the current environment but post Covid-19.

My goal, to help you reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm in your day to day endeavours.


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