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This week we share the second part of a 3 part rewind with snippets from our most popular episodes.

Our guests share how they have turned negative experience into a positive one, helping them overcome adversity while inspiring others along the way.

1) From Pain To Passion – Ayik Chut Deng was a child soldier who later in life faced his tormentor from the Child Prison where he was beaten and tortured, with hate in his heart, he learned to forgive and has now used his life lessons to write a book and become and actor.

Full Interview – https://youtu.be/cGL0_85Almk

2) How To Stop A Bully – Donna-Leigh Perfect has used her childhood trauma as a narrative to teach people about domestic violence and help children battle bullying. Her experience has led to multiple books and sharing her story both in media and on stage.

Full Interview – https://youtu.be/rS64qkp0lRs

3) Born To Stand Out -Jenny Woolsey grew up with a facial difference. Her childhood experience was brutal. Bullied daily from the day she started school to the day she left. She became a teacher for 25 years, is a huge advocate for anti-bullying and is an author of multiple books empowering young people to better understand and embrace their difference.

Full Interview – https://youtu.be/i8C02nUmtQc

4) How Art Therapy Helps – Jacob Lee Studios has turned his passion into small manageable enterprise. Tackling depression, Jacob was seeking a what’s next. He decided to return to what he does best, Art. Finding some solace in producing art to help him stay focused on the here and now.

Full Interview – https://youtu.be/eboez9h20M4


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