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This week we share the final episode of a 3 part rewind with snippets from our most popular episodes to date. We have been fortunate to hear from and learn from some of the world’s best motivational and sort after keynote speakers in sport and business.

Here are some short clips from our most popular motivational guest episodes.

1) The Game Within The Game – Brandon Steiner is a Sporting Memorabilia Mogul who is passionate about the game of both sport and business. In this clip he shares his story of how he beat Michael Jordan in a game of basketball. Full Interview

– https://youtu.be/KDTFu2gYDvY

2) Opportunity is Now Here – Brian Cain has worked with elite sporting bodies and athletes across all professional sports (Golf, MLB, NFL, NBA, UFC, NHL) as well as the Olympics and US Colleges. As a mental resilience coach he is among the best in any game. In this snippet he shares his 10 pillars to having and elite mindset.

Full Interview – https://youtu.be/wX7t3x670r0

3) Raising Your Game – Alan Stein Jr help develop some of the NBA’s most elite athletes as a Strength and Conditioning coach, today he helps businesses and organisations use the same strategies elite athletes apply to become the best.

Full Interview – https://youtu.be/iYcQzJ6sht0

4) Powerful Words – Coach Kevin Eastman has always had a zest for words and meaning. Author of the book 25 power words, he talks about those words that can most impact success. Formerly and NBA coach, he is now a corporate coach, helping organisations master the traits best demonstrated by championship athletes in rising above everyone else.

Full Interview – https://youtu.be/XGboEWG6HC0


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