Emotional Intelligence For Enhanced Relationships

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What is emotional intelligence?

Are you often snapping at your kids – then feel guilty about it afterwards?

Maybe they never listen to you.

Or are continuously having meltdowns.

Or maybe you are the one having the meltdown at times.

In this episode of Marketing and Me, I am chatting with Stephanie Pinto, co-founder of EQ Culture.

Stephanie is also the admin for “Let’s Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids Community” on Facebook.

Her focus is on the importance of Emotional Intelligence.

We also cover some strategies for improving the reactions and behaviours within your family.

Because then you can start living in a happier and calmer home environment.

We also cover how Emotional Intelligence can be used in the workplace when you’re leading a team.

Because, after all, being a leader and being a parent is not so different!

If you are ready to become a better parent, then put on your listening ears and tune into this episode!


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