Embodybee, Wandering the East Coast of Australia

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Emily Forrest Mikschi from Embodybee, wandering the East Coast of Australia.

There is a quote from Eve Byers’ short documentary, “BEEing Kept”, where Emily Forrest Mikschi says

“I don’t really think you could call me a beekeeper because I feel as though it’s the bees that are keeping me.”

What a thought. One to stir over slowly.

A thought that conjures the complexity of the relationship between humans and bees.

It begs us to think about the depths of that connection.

Emily Forrest Mikschi is an enigma.

On paper, she is the genius behind her business Embodybee.

She educates children and adults alike, keeps bees, sells bee products, safely rehomes, and runs creative bee-oriented workshops.

However, she is much more.

A sensual soul, a sexual being, with a spiritual connection to bees unlike anyone I have met in the past.

Indeed, I am always thrilled to introduce you to each and every one of the guests on the BEES WITH BEN podcast.

This week I am especially excited to introduce Emily.

Emily brings a perspective to the table that is raw, ancient, loving, bodily and simultaneously of this world and not.

Her relationship to bees stimulates all the senses and dips into a kind of consciousness that requires a special kind of intuitive connection to the natural world.

Emily told me of an erotic dream she once had, with bees and a snake.

Bees Are Sacred

As some of you may know, symbolic meaning has been attributed to natural objects and beings since ancient times.

Bees too have their own connection to the spiritual realm.

Accessing the depths of consciousness often requires a strong understanding of the body.

And also, how it relates to the earth, time and space.

With these things in mind, we might be able to shed some light on Emily’s unique perspective.

I might add, they are not small ideas either.

For Emily, beekeeping is much more than a way to procure honey, or even a way to help the planet.

For her, bees are sacred beings, connected intrinsically to love and worship.

With this in mind, Emily has made it her life’s mission to “re-sacralise the bee”.

Make it a sacred being once again.

She is invested in a kind of mutual relationship with bees – a sort of sensual and spiritual love affair.

Emily approaches bees from a position of love and respect, and hopes that this approach is adopted more widely.

All forms of apiary centre on symbiosis. a mutual and beneficial relationship between humans and, as Emily calls them, “sun beings”.

Make sure you tune in to listen to Emily as I wander through the depths of her sacred, spiritual and sensual practice that is far more than just beekeeping.

We chat about Emily’s vision, her business Embodybee, spirituality, and getting naked and honey-dipped with the bees themselves. Tempted? I bet!


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