Debunking Flu Vaccine Myths

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Pharmacists often find themselves debunking flu vaccine myths every winter.

Being health care professionals, Dale and Tracy get asked multiple questions every flu season about this common virus.

A lot are easy, while some are more difficult.

But debunking myths surrounding the flu vaccine is a field Dale has worked in in the past.

In today’s episode, they promised they would be back to explain Influenza vaccines, and they have delivered.

How companies make flu vaccines is one of the most commonly asked questions.

From selection of strain, to manufacturing, and further onto distribution and administration.

They go through each step to help you understand why it is so important to get your flu shot each year.

Also, why you can trust the process inside out to ensure you protect yourself and your family this flu season.

Not everyone will agree with getting the flu shot, but it is, and has remained, the best protection against the seasonal flu since its inception over 70 years ago.

There are many examples of fake evidence being thrown around.

So let Dale and Tracy ease your mind on why they choose to vaccinate themselves against the Flu each year.


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