Dara Scott from Hive Alive, Galway, Ireland

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Since COVID hit, the world has been forced to look at health in a whole new way.

For many of us, time in lockdown has provided some space to adopt some new healthy habits — be that eating, exercise, or practicing mindfulness.

Personally, I have adopted a bunch of new recipes, learning what specific ingredients might help me feel better, lighter and more productive.

Of course, this interest in healthy eating for general wellbeing isn’t a new phenomenon.

Australia is hugely lucky to be home to an abundance of delicious fresh produce.

But did you know that bees are also taking time to think about new foods that can increase their health, happiness and productivity?

Please welcome the fantastic and incredibly well-schooled Dara Scott all the way from Galway, Ireland.

We chat with us about the benefits of Hive Alive’s miraculous seaweed supplements for your bee colony!

Every now and then a beekeeping product comes along that really blows my mind. Hive Alive is one of those products.

As the number 1 feed supplement for honeybees worldwide, is the only feed supplement scientifically proven to deliver stronger colonies.

It also increases honey production, keep disease levels low and improve over-winter success.

It does so by ensuring intestinal wellbeing in your colony through a blend of unique seaweeds (yes, you heard right!).

These have been scientifically selected for honeybee health due to their remarkable properties: anti-fungal, immune boosting, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, pre-biotic — what’s not to love!

Interestingly, seaweeds are added to numerous animal (and human!) feeds as they have been shown to increase productivity.

Not to mention the benefits to general health, gut health, immune function and nutrition.

Superfood, no doubt!

Dara and I spoke in-depth about Hive Alive, why bees thrive from healthy diets as much as humans do, and our special ancestral connection.


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