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Curless Aussie Apiaries, Lockyer Valley, Queensland.

In a remarkable initiation into beekeeping, Queensland-based beekeeper Daniel Curless obtained his first ever hives in an unusual circumstance.

“My first hives were found abandoned in a dry creek bed, it took a while to clean them up and get them ready to move. When we were ready to move them, we had two adults and about a million bees in the back of a Honda CRV. We left the back window open just in case!”

– Daniel Curless, Curless Aussie Apiraries

Can’t you just imagine it!

Makes my heart race!

What a frightening feat to have that many bees – possibly rattled by their home being lifted up and magically relocated – in the back of your car!

For his bravery, I am thrilled to welcome Daniel to the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast for episode 31.

Like many an internet love story, Daniel and I met via Facebook.

Chatting to him instantly let my mind wander to warmer, sunnier lands.

Based in Queensland, Daniel’s education in beekeeping dates all the way back to his high school days.

D & K Apiaries

He now runs D & K Apiaries with his father, Graham.

Their business involves running hives from Brisbane to Toowoomba.

They also produce batches of quality honey that they sell at local farmers’ markets and speciality stores.

For Daniel, the real challenge of keeping the perfect hive is producing Queens.

Sounds obvious perhaps – without a Queen, the honey pot is dry.

Well, it’s actually seriously complicated and intricate business and one Daniel knows like the back of his hand.

In fact, he has cut himself quite a niche in the industry, known for his expertise in Queen breeding.

For me, I was intrigued to talk to Daniel, and introduce him to my community.

I wanted us all to learn more about his work in the north

While selfishly wanting to reminisce about my younger days being a chef in Noosa.

When I lived in Queensland, I was always amazed at the endless glorious weather.

Believe me, bees LOVE that sunshine!

Tune in to hear Daniel and I chat about Curless Aussie Apiaries, Queensland weather conditions.

Also how conditions affect beekeeping practices, Queens.

Peter also shares his dream that his young daughter will grow into a bee lover herself.

Hopefully taking an interest in the family business. Big. Bee. Love.


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