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Have you taken any big risks in your business lately?

Thanks to Covid-19, many of us have.

Well, think of all those Not-For-Profits out there who have previously relied upon big events to meet their annual fundraising targets.

Now, with social distancing being forced upon us, they had two options – admit defeat or find new ways to raise money.

For Ronald McDonald House Charities, giving up was not an option.

The Greater Western Sydney fundraising team put on their thinking caps and came up with the ‘Dance for Sick Kids’ fundraiser.

This was an online fundraiser – with the big dream of raising around $30,000.

But the final result was way, way beyond their wildest expectations!In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Arani Duggan.

Arani is Head of Marketing and Fundraising at Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney.

Being part of the fundraiser and watching the dollar figures skyrocket.

I knew I had to get Arani on to the show.

This episode we talk about how and why their online fundraiser has made such an impact.

If you’ve thought about doing online fundraisers for your business or Not-For-Profit, keep listening for some wonderful insight!


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