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Do you have an effective and engaging website?

Are you even happy with your current website?

Or does it need a major overhaul?

It may surprise you to know, many people while having a web presence, are often not happy with the effectiveness of their site.

If your business has been through big changes lately (I mean whose business hasn’t?)

Then it is probably a good time to take another look at it and ensure the content still reflects what everything looks like now.

And the direction you are now heading in.

As I record this episode, I am about to start re-jigging my own website for this exact reason.

I will let you all know when it goes live!

And I am sure there are listeners who still do not have a website – for various reasons.

Today, I am sharing 5 key tips I believe every engaging and effective website should have.

These tips have been extracted from my Website Boosters Bootcamp – which is a course that will soon be available to purchase from my website.



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