Creating An Accountability Buddy System

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Are you familiar with an accountability buddy system?

How do you keep yourself accountable for your goals and dreams?

You could write them down in your journal or on a whiteboard – and look at them regularly.

Or, you could tell the world – because you know it will be embarrassing to admit you did not achieve them.

Another way to keep yourself accountable is to have an accountability buddy.

What is that, Leanne, I hear you ask?

Well I am glad you asked!

An accountability buddy is someone you keep in touch with to share your aspirations.

Someone you can ask advice of, celebrate wins, and support your failures.

Or, learnings as I like to call them.

In some cases, they might be a mentor.

In others, like mine, they could be someone on a similar playing field who just ‘gets you’ and everything you go through as a small business owner.

My amazing accountability buddy is also a fellow copywriter.

This episode I am so excited to have Kate Merryweather, my accountability buddy, on the show today.

For almost a year, we have chatted on a fortnightly basis and developed a supportive and enjoyable friendship.

Despite living in 2 different states and only ever seeing each other face-to-face once we have built quite a rapport.

Today, we wanted to share with you some tips around setting up your own accountability buddy system.

Well, system is a very loose term here, a process to help you make those goals and dreams come true.

Rather than the usual interview style, Kate and I are kinda co-hosting this episode – and she is asking me some questions as well.


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