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Craig Talks to his Google Nest Home Hub

In this week’s episode of Tech Matters, Craig and Greg talk about their experiences one week on from buying a Google Nest Home Hub. Craig has a bit of a chat on the mic with his home hub device. Hear Greg and Craig’s opinions on the device.

Greg talks about how to use the “find my phone” feature on google android phones. You can even ring the phone from within an internet browser. Craig mentions you can use Google’s search tools, to reduce the time period you search to obtain more recent results or images available for reuse.

We talk scam emails hitting business accounts, including a fake award Craig’s former business received. Craig also talks about a fake ASIC business renewal scam which almost caught him out.

We talk scam emails and unsubscribe requirements legit businesses in Australia are bound by.

Craig gets shadow banned for excessive twittering. Craig explains what shadow banning is and how you may be able to determine if it is happening to you.

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