Covid-19 is Reinventing the World

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Greg and Craig jump aboard the Covid cruise liner and do their first podcast in isolation via Skype explaining how Covid-19 is reinventing the world.

With Covid-19 on the minds of many, the boys talk about how enterprise, education and individuals are re-inventing the way the world works.

Unlike the Spanish flu of 1918, the world is a much changed place with advances in medical practises, equipment and technology.

We are better positioned to understand and more equipped to deal with a pandemic than ever before in human history.

We are also better equipped to work, create, connect, educate and manufacture from home with high speed broadband.

Craig mentions a couple of ideas to keep kids engaged in learning with Augmented Stargazing apps and Khan Academy.

Greg talks about one interesting porn site which offered 30 days free access to people on lock-down in Italy and Craig tries to be funny about it…. (covert “fail of the week”).

Craig talks about his experience of fake Chinese accoutns viewing his profile on Linkedin and The New York Time Story on how Chinese Spies are allegedly using Linkedin to connect with potential foreign assets.

Greg ponders should he buy a bidet in response to the toilet paper shortage in Austraila, but noted he does not have a power point in the toilet.

App of the week,

Craig reviews the Homecourt app which is offering free full access to all features during the Covid-19 crisis for basketballers using iOS devices.

Quick fire news.

Facebook BETA is now moving to offer all users the opportunity to update to the new layout and feed, Craig shares his opinion on the changes.

YouTube is putting Creator Studio Classic to rest and is starting to notify creators when their access to classic will be discontinued.

Greg talks about the new Apple Ipad Pro, but how

Blizzard has 7 DDoS attacks in 4 days and how “naughty people” could take the current situation as an opportunity to create havoc.

NBN Offer 40% Bandwidth boost to internet service providers (ISPs) to help them deal with increases during the Covid-19 crisis to reduce the impacts of increased internet usage during the crisis.

Craig talks about the Mevo Start for those looking to stream during the crisis and the ability of the camera to stream across multiple platforms using a Premium Vimeo paid subscription.

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