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As life has moved more and more online, it’s often quite easy to find out about a person.

Their life and business, just by a quick Google search.

And while I love the magic and connection and potential the internet and social media has to offer, there is something to be said for living outside this realm of technological communication.

At the end of a seriously busy day, possibly after a seriously busy month or more of work, I have very occasionally reached a point where I have thought how delightful it would be to be able to turn off completely.

To not receive emails and messages

To just live in the moment and care for bees and wake up without a million notifications and reminders.

Like I said, it doesn’t happen that often, as I love my busy career and life and I am always up for a yarn.

But it gets you thinking about the simple life.

For that reason, I am thrilled to introduce you to Col Wilson.

Col is a commercial beekeeper from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales.

We welcome him to episode 75 of the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast.

While Col doesn’t have a huge internet presence.

He’s a fantastic beekeeper, and it was a total delight to chat with him about the intricacies of his beekeeping practice.

Commercial beekeeping

This episode is a deep dive into the life of a commercial beekeeper.

This is the real deal, no glossing over the truth, no prettying things up, no marketing.

It shows the real passion and the real challenges that face commercial beekeepers day in and out.

It’s a story about the daily (and seasonal) highs and lows that come part and parcel with the job.

It unpacks how beekeepers must learn to cope with and adapt to the weather.

In a country where weather conditions can be totally extreme and harsh.

It’s about what it’s like to live in the marvellous and mysterious Australian bush, feeling in awe of it but also sometimes frightened by its strength and natural power.

It’s a chat about loving bees, and loving honey, and doing whatever you can to make those passions your career.

Commercial beekeepers are hard workers.

I am thrilled to introduce a beekeeper to the podcast who lives very much in the real world of beekeeping.

Tune in to hear Col and I get down to the nitty gritty, the ups and downs, of being a commercial beekeeper in Australia.


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