Building a Business with a Positive Mindset

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If you have been listening to my podcast for a little while – or know me in person – you would d know I am pretty positive.

Now that does not mean I do not have struggles and low days.

But it does mean I am constantly looking for that silver lining.

And I recognise it might be hard to see it during those dark minutes, hours, or days.

But, I know it is there, just waiting to be discovered.

Then when I do find it – and it is always there.

I try to reflect back on the experience and appreciate everything happened for a reason.

I know first hand the importance of having a healthy and positive mindset – especially as a business owner.

And that is why I wanted to create this mental health-related podcast series in October.

In recognition of Mental Health Month.

I want my clients and contacts to be the best version of themselves.

And it fills me with so much joy when others are doing the things they love and smashing their goals.

Today, I am chatting with Cindy Shames – who feels the same way as me.

This is probably one of the reasons why we get along so well – and why she became a results coach.

We are talking about building a business with a positive mindset and I know you will love her energy and advice.

We could have talked for hours on this topic!

And remember – if you are only seeing darkness right now, I want you to know the lightness is just up ahead.

If you need further support, please reach out to wonderful organisations like Lifeline, Beyond Blue, or the Black Dog Institute.

You deserve to be happy.


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