Brian Kerle 50+ Years In Basketball

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Brian Kerle is an Australian Basketball Legend. Here he shares his journey and offers experience and advice to the next generation of official, coaches and athletes.

Kerley as he is affectionately known is an Australian Basketball Icon. He is an Australian Basketball Hall of Fame inductee. His involvement spans 50+ years in the sport as a player and coach at all levels of the game. Including 3 NBL Championships.

Brian Kerle is the only NBL coach to win a championship with an all Australian team. He represented his country at the World Championships and the Olympics. He has coached multiple professional teams to varying success and now works tirelessly to help minorities and disadvantaged youth gain access to the sport he loves.

Affectionately known as Mr Basketball, Brian gives his thoughts on what separate the best he has coached, from the rest. Players like Leroy Loggins, Larry Sengstock and Danny Morseu are among those names.

He offers some advice to kids about their time management and offers some advice to a re-emerging NBL professional league here in Australia.

Brian Kerle is a true legend of basketball and among Australia’s greatest coaches of any sport. This is an interview well worth watching or listening to.

A conversation with Kerley first aired on OzSwoosh
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