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In today’s episode of the Tech Matters podcast, we talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Where did it start and are there really any good deals to be had out there? We talk drop shipping and delivery times from China if buying from aliexpress.

Greg talks Google Photos and how it can help back up and organise your photos, regardless of the device you are using. We talk image pixel sizes and how to get FREE infinite cloud storage for all your photos.

Craig talks about google’s reverse image search feature accessible using google image search. It is a search feature where you can upload a photo or URL and search for where an image came from or what it actually is. Google images will also display similar image results.

We also delve into online and phone scams, and how you can recognise them from legitimate calls or messages. Craig explains spoofing and robo-calls and measures you can take to not fall victim to scammers. We also explain how you recognise if a website has a secure (encrypted) connection.

This episode’s Fail of the week goes to Instagram and Facebook. Parts of the services feed and stories components failed on thanksgiving leaving millions of users believing it was an intentional act to encourage people to spend time together.

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