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Cody Adams, beekeeper, founder of Bee Scientific and Bee Barrell Hive creator, Utah, USA Beehives believes…

for beekeepers, these are not just boxes of different shapes and sizes, they are the residences of our best friends, the bees.

And, as we love our bees dearly, we want to make homes for them.

Like any home, we need to make sure they are functional.

Architecturally sound, ergonomic and suit their lifestyle.

Their homes (hives) must respond to the climate.

They MUST fill them with joy so they want to make honey, honey and more honey.

As beekeepers we want to give them a perfect place to rest, provide a sanctuary for their young, and the list goes on!

We want our bees’ hive to be nothing less than a palace, with an interior that belongs in the bee-version of Vogue magazine.

With access to a bee-friendly garden and the kind of climate control that allows our friends to live in all corners of the globe, no matter the weather.

If there is one person that knows all about making the perfect hive for bees it is Cody Adams of Bee Scientific, Utah, USA.

This episode I am thrilled to welcome him to the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast.

Bee Barrell Hives

Utah is a place of extremes. With summers that reach 40°C and winters that plummet to -28°C.

The bees need homes that can cope with huge highs and lows.

Cody is the creator of the Bee Barrell hive: a unique design that focuses on climate control and keeps the bees of Utah happy year-round.

The Bee Barrel has a characteristic barrel shape that protects bees from the elements, eliminates stress.

It also minimizes damage to cells and comb, and increases productivity.

With a business motto that states

Anyone can be a keeper and we are going to help them become one.

Cody Adams is my kind of human.

Listen in to Cody and I chat about Utah, his journey to beekeeping, a time when he lived in Melbourne, his love of Australians, the Bee Barrel, specialty hives and his business, Bee Scientific.

Tune in and enjoy!


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