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Ryan Moloney (AKA “Toadfish” from Neighbours), Beach Box Honey, Australia.

If there is a piece of fine art that sums up the experience of the Aussie suburbs like no other, it’s Neighbours.

And while the soap opera has a swag of lovable and hateable and completely relatable cast members.

I feel very positive and assured in saying that there is one character that viewers, probably around the 30-to-40-years bracket, adore most of all.

For this reason, I am beyond excited to introduce the one and only Ryan Moloney – or (no kidding) Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi as he’s known on the show

It is good to welcome this star to the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast for a whopping episode 20!

You see, I get quite a few emails and messages asking for more Australian-based beekeepers on the podcast.

So when I found out that Ryan is a keen beekeeper, with a couple of years’ experience under his belt, and a new beekeeping business on the horizon, I thought – WOW!

Toadie just went to a whole new level in my big Aussie heart!

Who is Toadfish? (Ryan Moloney)

For any of you that are too young, or perhaps live overseas and were not privy to Neighbours episodes of the 1990s, Toadfish is an iconic character.

Loved for his cheekiness, in strife for his bad behaviour, relatable for his vulnerability.

He was that guy that was always the class clown, and often the butt of jokes.

The guy who, when finishing school, surprised the whole of Australia by blossoming into a respectable and warm-hearted member of the community.

With a law degree under his belt, a newfound sense of motivation, a love life, and a neighbourhood of great friends.

Toadie inspired many young kids out there (including myself) to make the most of their lives.

Inspiring us to keep that glimmer in our eye and that skip in our step and that joke up our sleeve.

And he’s still on the show today, 22 years on, indispensable and loveable as ever!

And while I understand I have just described a TV character to you.

There is a definite warmth and authenticity both Toadie and Ryan share.

It really filters through into this new episode.

Tune in as we chat about Neighbours, beekeeping, family, flying planes, and Beach Box Honey.

Beach Box Honey is a wonderful new beekeeping business run by Ryan and his wife Alison.

I am positive it will be a huge success!

Be sure to check out Beach Box Honey (not Beach House Honey as mentioned in the podcast) on Instagram!


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