Ayahuasca and Mental Health

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Addressing Mental Health with Nathan Jennings
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What is Ayahuasca and how do Ayahuasca and mental health go hand in hand?

Ayahuasca is a powerful psychedelic medicine.

One of the strongest known to man used for thousands of years by many Indigenous cultures.

There have been numerous people who have tried absolutely everything when it comes to treating mental illness.

However, many have only been able to address symptoms, not the root cause of their problems.

This powerful mind-altering medicine has helped transform the lives of thousands of people.

It offers an experience no other type of drug or medication can.

Today Nathan and James discuss Nathan’s own life-changing Ayahuasca experience.


This podcast is posted under an Applaudible Self Produced Creator Agreement. Copyright owner is Nathan Jennings © 2020. All Rights Reserved. This podcast contains general advice only. Always seek the advice of a mental health professional. (Note: Episode May contain coarse language)

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