Marketing and Me Podcast

Top 5 Common Content Mistakes

This episode my guest, Kara Stokes and I are going to share our 5 top common content mistakes health and wellness businesses make. Of course, I’m talking to another health and wellness copywriter – Kara Stokes. You might be thinking ‘Leanne...

Marketing and Me Podcast

What is Relationship Marketing?

Are you forming real relationships with your potential and current customers? Or are you only really touching base when you’re keen to make a sale or upsell them? Think of it this way – which of the following appeals to you more? Having...

Dev Raga Personal Finance Podcast

What is Rent Vesting?

In this episode we will discuss the concept of rent vesting by using a typical example. Thank you monique for suggesting this topic. CREATOR This podcast is posted under an Applaudible Self Produced Creator Agreement. Copyright owner is Dev Raga ©...

Marketing and Me Podcast

Improve Profit With Your Environment

Looking to improve your profit with a change of work environment? Are you thinking of moving into a bigger salon or clinic? Or maybe you’re finally making the move from that tiny spare room in your home into a space that can accommodate future...

Dev Raga Personal Finance Podcast

Currency trading – Part 2/2

This episode, we continue on to discuss the basics of currency trading. We cover leverage, pips, current exchange rates and factors affecting current demand and supply. We also consider government manipulation of currency. We also answer dr x’s...