People with a Passion Podcast Studio

Giving Voice To Your Passion

Ventriloquist Landon Harvey, a puppet maker and passionate entertainer who loves to make people laugh by giving life & character to the puppets he creates.. His passion started at 6 years old with his first puppet. 13 years later he is skilled...

People with a Passion Podcast Studio

Beekeeping, Bees and Honey

This episode we speak with Ben Moore about his lifelong passion for beekeeping and bees. Ben loves sharing his knowledge and he presents his passion like the “Steve Irwin of Bees”.  Having appeared on popular television and radio...

People with a Passion Podcast Studio

Appetite For A Food Challenge

Randy Santel loves a good food challenge and is passionate about educating people to help them improve their relationship with food. In 2010 after winning the Spartacus national body transformation contest, he won a food challenge competition with a...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Gruffydd Rees a Wales Lover of Bees

It is always inspiring to meet beekeepers from all parts of the globe who are passionate about caring for honey bees. And, who love producing pure, raw, local honey. Gruffydd Rees is a perfect example. Hailing from South Wales, Gruffydd was...

People with a Passion Podcast Studio

Why The Best Are The Best

In this episode of People with a Passion former NBA Coach Kevin Eastman, shares his insights in to “Why the Best are the Best.” Kevin explains the power of words in motivating, inspiring and impacting the lives of champions. Coach...

People with a Passion Podcast Studio

Compete Against Yourself

Jake Thompson lives his brand – “Compete Every Day” . He is the host of the podcast and author of the book of the same name.  This episode Jake Thompson shares the seven key choices leaders make in order to enhance their...

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