Bees with Ben Podcast

Luke De Laeter: Buzz Ed, Perth

Luke De Laeter, qualified beekeeper and entrepreneur, Buzz Ed, Perth, Western Australia I always knew I loved bees, right from the moment I found a wild bee nest down at the creek in the bush near my parents’ place. It was a fast realisation – yes...

Marketing and Me Podcast

Janeen Vosper: Perfecting Your Pitch

There is an art to perfecting your pitch and this episode we will dive into how to do just that. I have 2 words for you – elevator pitch. If you’ve ever networked before, those words might leave you quivering in your ugg boots. Or you might...

Dev Raga Personal Finance Podcast

What is DSSP?

This episode Dev talks about dividend substitution share plan or DSSP. He also revisits what dividend reinvestment means. Specifically focusing on franking credits and how dssp (dividend substitution share plan) is different. Dev outlines the pros...

Marketing and Me Podcast

Alan Stevens: Face Profiling

Did you know it’s possible to understand a person’s personality – just by looking at their face? And no – I’m not talking about psychic readings here. Or any type of voodoo magic. I’m talking about the science of reading people via face...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Geoff Ball: Ballan Victoria Beekeeper

Geoff Ball, beekeeper from Ballan, Victoria (and many other places), Australia Can you believe it has been one whole year since the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast released its inaugural episode? Me neither! What a journey! Both fast and slow (when...

Bees with Ben Podcast

Thank You – 1 YR Bees with Ben!

It’s been 1 year since starting the Bees with Ben Podcast Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I want to say a really big appreciation to all those that have been on and also to you the listeners!  Thank you! CREATOR This podcast is posted under...

Marketing and Me Podcast

Tax Planning Made Easy

Tax planning. I know it’s not everyone’s favourite topic – but as business owners it’s essential to be across it. Especially if you don’t want a massive, unexpected tax bill at tax return time. And nobody wants that! Today, I’m chatting with...


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