Australia – The Place Is On Fire

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Aerial shot of Australia’s bushfire crisis

With Australia on fire, we talk about the internet news cycle and examine fundraising for the effort on social media. W the backlash against our Prime Minister.

Craig gets on his high horse around climate change and suggests the whole climate change debate is the wrong discussion. He says we should be asking “is the way we pollute and treat the planet, the right thing to do?” Greg discusses the role tech may play in helping deal with monitoring climate.

Greg keeps it short this week with a satirical news website called The Shovel. He shares some of the sites headlines with hi co-host who then shares his annoyingly nerdy laugh.

Greg talks cheap tech, a topic close to both Tech Matters host’s hearts. Greg and Craig love paying less for their tech. Both discuss a few great options out there for saving a few bucks.

Our fail of the week has our host already calling it, the fail of the year. Ahead of CES 2020 they discuss Segway’s big launch of their latest tech, the S-Pod. Both believing the launch might simply be a marketing gimmick. They also mention some other CES 2020 tech.

Segway’s S-Pod launched at CES 2020

Craig talks of AI helping telemarketers improve their phone skills on the fly. Greg shares AI tech demonstrated by google where a program makes appointments on your behalf.

Our hosts ponder an European courts decision to prevent AI from being able to patent creations. We contemplate the ethical questions being asked as AI becomes smarter.

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