Are 8K Screens Over Rated?

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This episode of Tech matters, Craig talks about an app developer being blocked from the Apple store.

Clearview AI Facial’s developer was blocked for breaching Apple’s developer agreement by providing law enforcement access to technologies behind their facial recognition app.

Greg shares his experience of falling into a Hackintosh build on a virtual machine.

Mozilla Adding Privacy

Greg talks about how Mozilla is preemptively starting to think of user privacy with the Firefox browser introducing automatic DNS encryption in the US.

Craig explains how the using the VPN built in to the Opera Browser can help you avoid geoblocking to watch or listen to streamed content outside your region.

Screen resolutions
Screen size and pixel resolutions over the decades

Greg gives us the low down on 8K TVs and asks?

Are 8k Screens a waste of money?

Tech Matters host Greg Irvin

Pointing to research which suggests people can’t tell the difference between 4k and 8k resolutions. Craig gives a comparison of dots per inch in the print industry.

Greg share statistics on videos and appeals being rejected by YouTube in their effort to crack down on offending content.

Covid-19 FEVER! Again?

With Covid-19 circulating, online companies are identifying and banning products claiming to help prevent or cure it.

Lastly, consumer drones are getting smart, preventing their operators crashing them and Greg and Craig are impressed!

The conversation leads to discussions on passenger drone flights and the potential future of transport tech company, Uber and Tesla.

Tech Matters Podcast hosted by Greg Irvin and Craig Rowe
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