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Did you know it’s possible to understand a person’s personality – just by looking at their face?

And no – I’m not talking about psychic readings here.

Or any type of voodoo magic.

I’m talking about the science of reading people via face profiling.

So, wouldn’t it be amazing to approach a potential customer and just speak their language?

And also, wouldn’t it be good to know exactly how their mind works?

Or what type of communication and service delivery would appeal to them?

Well – in today’s podcast episode, I’m chatting with International Profiling and Communications Specialist, Alan Stevens, who does this amazing face profiling stuff for a living!

I find it all absolutely fascinating. And you can learn how to do it too. Alan has kindly shared some fab resources to get you started – and I’m personally keen to check them out!

Get ready for a deep dive into face profiling and how you can use it to increase sales and enhance relationships. And yes – I ask Alan to read my face as well.


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