Aim for $1.6 Million in Retirement

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Aim for $1.6 million in retirement sounds like a magic number.

I thought we would go back to the basics about superannuation.

Given the Covid-19 situation this past 3 months, there have been significant changes with early access to super through the Australian Tax Office.

Where people struggling financially as a result of the pandemic can access up to $10,000 of their superannuation per financial year.

In response to some questions I want to discuss maximising your super.

I share why it makes sense to maximise your super contributions.

I discuss contributions and concessional tax on super, the importance of having just one super fund.

You can also find lost super at if looking for unclaimed super.

I explain the advantage for low income earners to take advantage of the government’s co-contribution scheme.

I also discuss the First Home Buyers Scheme or First Home Super Saver Scheme.

We ponder some questions you should ask before withdrawing money from your super fund.

Lastly, I explain why having $1.6 million dollars saved in super prior to retirement is beneficial.

Listen to find out more.


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