Addressing Mental Health With Naturopathy

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Addressing Mental Health with Nathan Jennings
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Today we are addressing mental health with naturopathy.

David Marston, a Naturopath, shares his expertise on the subject.

We also ask the question, “What is Nephropathy and how can it help you manage mental illness?”

For many years Naturopathy has assisted people in managing many conditions which impact mental health and well being.

So therefore it is considered an added treatment to Chronic pain, digestion issues, sleep problems and has even assisted people undergoing life threatening illness.

So today we thought we would explore, how changes in your lifestyle can help you better manage your mental health or illness, improve your well being and live happier healthier life.


This podcast is posted under an Applaudible Self Produced Creator Agreement. Copyright owner is Nathan Jennings © 2020. All Rights Reserved. This podcast contains general advice only. Always seek the advice of a mental health professional. (Note: Episode May contain coarse language)

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