About Us

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Applaudible is a group of podcasters working together to cross promote, audience share and support each others growth.

We believe being podcast content creators can be a lonely craft and feel working together brings strength in numbers.

We also know working together provides things working on your own cannot.

Our creators offer ideas, share feedback and work together on cross promotion and projects which adds to our podcasting journey.

One of the benefits despite having strength in numbers is building a combined audience through cross promotion and audience sharing.

We can also help each other improve the quality of our content through SEO data, sharing knowledge of what has worked or not worked for our programs.

Podcast Network Info Sheet
Applaudible Podcast Network Info Sheet
Interested in joining Applaudible?

Are you an independent Australian podcaster who wants the benefits of a podcast network, without giving up your creative rights?

We invite you to reach out and connect to find out the benefits of being part of a network.

We are welcoming interesting, entertaining and educational prodcasters to our network in the first phase of our growth.

For more information on joining us as a Self Produced Creator please send us a message via our facebook page.


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