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Eleven episodes in so we thought we would share our blooper reel as a married couple.

Disclaimer for this episode: We definitely recommend you go to the doctor when you have a concussion. Don’t be an Adam in this instance.

But, we realised we covered two years of relationship in only 10 episodes.

It was pointed out to us recently that who farted first is in the podcast description but we were yet to cover it!

So this episode is just a strange combination of funny stories and a weird trip down the rabbit hole of weird things we think and do.

There isn’t really any rhyme or reason to this episode, so let us know if you like this style or prefer the more structured episodes we’ve been doing to date.

As always, don’t forget to send in any stories just listening to us chat makes you think of.

We have an episode coming soon inspired by a listener, can’t wait!

Shower thought of the week: Have you ever thought about the fact Anakin was denied the rank of master, because Ahsoka left and he had to prove he could train a Padawan to be a master?


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