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Kevin Pannell has a passion for process, an IT Project Manager who served six years as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman he trains people on crisis management.

After discharge Kevin worked as an IT Manager and then specialized in Public Health Emergency Management and was a Planning Section Chief on an All-Hazards Incident Management Team.

In this episode he shares his insight into managing crisis like epidemics, pandemics, civil unrest, natural disasters and tragedies involving mass loss of life or property.

Kevin spruiks the value of the Foundational Four and the S.M.A.R.T. objectives in dealing with problems or in project management.

Credentialed as a Type III Planning Section Chief, and in Incident Command Systems, Kevin now trains others in the areas of first response and crisis/project management and has been providing advice to former colleagues on the front line of the covid-19 crisis.

Big on organisational collaboration and human ingenuity, Kevin Pannell created podcasts called “Between the Slides” and later “People Process Progress” where his passion for process really shines through.

0:06 Guest Kevin Pannell Intro
2:00 Passion for Process
2:33 Pannell’s role on the U.S. Comfort Medical Ship
8:35 SMART objectives of incident management
16:51 People, Process, Progress podcast
24:10 Between the slide concept
35:30 Logistical support in a health environment
42:00 Role of Incident Command System
48:20 Office of the Cheif Medical Examiner
50:45 Media and message management in a crisis
55:00 Having a plan for a crisis, emergency or natural disaster
57:00 Reviewing the process
1:00:00 personal preparedness for a crisis


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