A Family’s VW Racing Passion Spanning 70 Years

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In this episode we talk 70 years VW Passion with the Alder family’s fanatical love of everything Volkswagen with some awesome pics and footage to boot!

This family of performance mechanics, painters and panel beaters have collected, restored or raced Volkswagen for 7 decades.

With a collection totalling 30+ vehicles and a new generation biting at the bit to get behind the wheel, Brennden Alder shares the family’s passion with us including females (wives, mothers and aunties) who also race their street legal cars.

Whether it be VW drag racing, formula V or circuit racing and even burnout competitions or vehicle shows, the Alder family have won multiple awards with their vehicles and boast the second oldest Kombi in Austrlalia and the 2nd fastest VW Kombi in the world.

Some family members have even built a business around their passion specialising in performance engines and mechanical engineering. We share a good amount of footage from car shows and drag races to appease car enthusiasts and VW collectors everywhere. Forever chasing better engine performance and personal bests is what drives this VW loving family forward (pun intended).

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