3d Printing Helps Give Somebody A Hand

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Australlan Engineer Mat Bowtell is changing lives by creating and sharing his Open Source 3d printed limb designs with the rest of the world.

Traditional hand and limb difference devices can cost thousands of dollars and need to be replaced as children grow, but 3d printing is helping improve the quality of life for many who wait for a proper prosthesis.

3 years ago Mat was made redundant when Toyota ceased manufacturing in Australia. He was forced to consider his future. Today he is confident he has found his purpose pursuing a passion to help others with limb differences improve their quality of life.

Enter Izzy, a 3 year old recipient of one of Mat’s creations. Izzy and her mother decided to campaign for Free 3d printed hands to receive a funding grant as part of the Dreams for a Better World competition. We share their story in this amazing and heartwarming interview.

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